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China Microwave Chemistry Trailblazer

Since the 1980s, the microwave chemical industry has flourished, and Beijing XiangHu Technology Development Co., Ltd. came into being in the background of this great development, serving the national microwave chemical industry as an unremitting pursuit. Since its establishment in 2002, it has been mainly engaged in the research and development of microwave chemical instruments and laboratory equipment. It has repeatedly established industry benchmark products to fill the domestic gap and lead the new trend of microwave chemistry. XiangHu Technology adheres to the most advanced products, the best quality service, the most favorable price and the most sincere integrity, to do our best to meet the user's regretless choice!
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XiangHu Multipurpose microwave chemical synthesizer

The XH-8000 Plus is specially made of 32L large-volume austenitic stainless steel. It is a non-magnetic integrated industrial-grade cavity structure with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and magnetic interference resistance. The instrument is equipped with 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, three kinds of microwave hydrothermal reaction kettle, which can meet the experimental requirements of different systems. Magnetic stirring can be realized in microwave atmospheric pressure and microwave high pressure experiments, especially suitable for heterogeneous and precipitated systems. The 8-inch color LCD monitor monitors the progress of the reaction in real time. In the normal pressure mode, glass vessels such as a reflux condenser and a Soxhlet extractor can be externally connected, and an optional vacuum system can be selected.
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Laboratory microwave application principle

In the role of microwave high frequency alternating electric field:
The polar molecules in the reaction mixture participate in the dipole polarization effect: when the electric field oscillates, the molecular dipole tries to re-adjust itself along the alternating electric field lines, in the process, through molecular friction and dielectric loss (dielectric heating) Energy is lost in the form of heat.
The charged particles in the mixture participate in the ion conduction process: they collide with adjacent molecules or atoms under the influence of the microwave field oscillating back and forth. These collisions cause intense movement and then generate heat.
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