Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd is the high-tech company in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Haidian District. We focuses on research and development of microwave chemistry instruments, laboratory equipment. We own a great teamwork that good at technology sales and technical personnel.

        Professor Hu Wenxiang of Capital Normal University and master that come from famous university work on the MRF (Microwave Research Fellow).

        According to the modern system management,we ready to provide users with the best technical support and best service. Our commitment is "24 hours response, 48 hours in place". We provide the most advanced products, the best service, the best price and the most sincere heart. We make the greatest efforts to meet the user regret the choice, especially in the filed of organic synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, food science, quarantine and epidemic prevention, military chemistry, molecular biology, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, petrochemicals, materials science, biomedical.

        Ours Motto is:Continue to innovate ,Listen to demand of user, Service-oriented and teamwork.