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700MF Solid injection _ cold atomic absorption spectrometry for direct determination of total mercury in soil

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This research by the Henan Provincial Environmental Monitoring Center, a paper on solid injection-cold atomic absorption direct measurement of total mercury in soil, was published in the important journal .


A solid mercury analyzer was used to measure the mercury in the soil by using a multi-standard soil sample (n > 20) to draw a calibration curve method and a single standard soil sample to draw a calibration curve method. The results showed that the detection limits of the two methods were 0.30 and 1.49 ng, respectively, and the relative standard deviations of the parallel samples (n = 6) were 3.6% to 4%, 5. 4% to 9. 0. %, the repeatability precision within 90 days was 4.1%, and the national soil standards were measured, and the results were in agreement with the standard values. It shows that compared with the single standard soil sample drawing calibration curve method, the standard curve method for multi-standard soil samples has better precision, lower detection limit, stronger applicability, and effective shortening due to long-term stability of the calibration curve. The detection period of mercury in the soil.






The study established a solid injection-cold atomic absorption technique-multi-standard soil standard curve method to directly determine total mercury in soil. The multi-standard soil standard curve method directly measures total mercury in soil, effectively avoiding the traditional method of digestion before digestion. The cumbersome steps and mercury loss of the treatment eliminate the damage to the analyst and the environmental pollution caused by strong chemicals such as strong acid and alkali in the pretreatment process. In addition, the standard curve can be used for a long period of time, and the sample can generally accurately and quickly complete the determination of mercury within 10 minutes, which significantly improves the timeliness of soil mercury sample analysis.


Accurately weigh 12 parts of GSS-4 standard soil samples in nickel boat, the quality is 0.03 ~ 0.25 g, evenly distributed, placed on the sample holder, set the automatic injection procedure, direct injection measurement, see Table 2. The correlation coefficient of the low concentration curve was 0.9998, and the correlation coefficient of the high concentration curve was 0.99945.