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100B Changes in morphology and papermaking properties of tobacco stems after extraction with alkaline ionic liquids

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This paper, completed by a researcher at the State Key Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Engineering of South China University of Technology, discusses papers on the changes in morphology and papermaking properties of tobacco stems after alkaline ionic liquid extraction. It is published in the important journal .


The surface morphological, beating and papermaking properties of reconstituted tobacco stems were extracted by ionic liquid extraction by using alkaline ionic liquid [MMIM] DMP as solvent and infrared spectrum and raw material composition analysis. The results showed that: after the tobacco stems were extracted by alkaline ionic liquid, a small amount of honeycomb structure appeared in the epidermal tissue of the raw material, the filling material between the fiber cells was significantly reduced, and the pores increased; the aromatic substances and lignin in the stems were well dissolved. In the alkaline ionic liquid, the relative content of cellulose in the raw material is obviously increased; after the partial lignin removal, the fiber of the tobacco stem material is well dispersed, the beating performance is obviously improved, and the tensile strength can be increased by about 35%. The performance is significantly improved, and the bulk and air permeability indicators are optimized.






(1) After the tobacco stem is extracted by alkaline ionic liquid, the surface morphology changes, and the filler between the fibers is largely removed. The infrared spectrum and chemical analysis results of the stems before and after the extraction of alkaline ionic liquids showed that the cellulose and hemicellulose in the raw materials were still retained in the solid phase after the ionic liquid extraction, and the nicotine and lignin of the tobacco characteristic aroma substances were more Soluble in ionic liquids. (2) Through the analysis of the beating performance of the tobacco stem slurry, it is found that under the same number of revolutions, after the slurry is treated with the alkaline ionic liquid, the beating degree is obviously increased, the beating performance is obviously improved, and the energy saving and consumption reduction effect is remarkable. (3) The tensile strength of the ionic liquid treated tobacco stem substrate is significantly higher than that of the untreated raw material, the tensile strength is increased by about 35%, and the bulk and air permeability indexes of the product are optimized to improve The quality of reconstituted tobacco leaves provides better technical support.


Accurately weigh 15 g stems and extract them with [MMIM] DMP ionic liquid as extractant in microwave catalytic synthesis extractor. The extraction temperature is 60 °C, the ratio of material to liquid is 1:20, the microwave power is 500 W, and the extraction time is 40 min. The extracted stems are placed in a Buchner funnel and dehydrated several times with a suction filter to remove the ionic liquid on the surface of the stem. After drying it, it is attached to the sample stage and sprayed with gold. Then the sample was observed by scanning electron microscopy at different multiples.