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Intelligent Temperature And Pressure Double-Control Microwave Digestion Instrument
Fundamental microwave digestion
Intelligent Temperature And Pressure Double-Control Microwave Digestion Instrument
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Microwave system
【Microwave frequency】2450MHz,Industrial microwave source;
【Microwave power】0~1000W automatically and continuously adjustable;
Temperature control system
【Temperature Sensor】Platinum contact temperature sensor;
【Range】Temperature range;0~260℃;Maximum temperature:≤260℃
【Precision】Temperature measurement accuracy:±0.1℃;Temperature control accuracy:±1℃;
【temperature setting】Xianghu Technology develops and debugs the heating system with independent intellectual property rights, and the advanced programming temperature is raised;
【Over temperature protection】Real-time monitoring of the temperature of each tank can automatically stop the microwave emission after the temperature exceeds the set range and safety range to ensure the safety of the experiment;
【Cooling cooling】Equipped with powerful and rapid air cooling, it adopts corrosion-resistant, high-volume centrifugal exhaust fan. After the reaction is completed, the microwave stops emitting, the fan continues to work, and the instrument displays the temperature and pressure values in the reactor in real time. When the pressure reactor is cooled, the instrument beeps to remind the experiment to end.
Pressure control system
【Pressure Sensor】High precision corrosion resistant piezoelectric crystal pressure sensor;
【Detection frequency】150~200 data/second;
【Pressure measurement range】0~10MPa;Maximum working pressure≥6MPa;Pressure measurement accuracy:0.01Mpa;
Reaction chamber
【Microwave cavity】Austenitic stainless steel, multi-layer Teflon corrosion-resistant spray; dual magnetron dual-port vertical array, rectangular waveguide coaxial feed, can evenly heat the sample inside the tank.
【Door protection】Multi-layer protective door structure greatly enhances microwave leakage protection and pressure shock protection;
Digestion unit
【Deconstruction turntable】It can rotate coaxially in the same direction, which makes the sample more uniform in the microwave environment, which greatly increases the precision of the instrument and the consistency of sample digestion and the accuracy of detection.
【High liquidity】Simultaneously process up to 6 100ml high pressure digestion tanks;
【High pressure digestion tank】The outer tank is made of imported PEEK material, and the inner tank is made of polytetrafluoroethylene; the highest working temperature≤260℃Maximum working pressure≤6Mpa(900psi)。
Instrument control system
【Set reaction parameters】Set the reaction parameters in sections, totaling 10 segments. Each working segment can set microwave power, temperature and time according to the experiment requirements, and can store 16 sets of setting parameters.
【Real-time curve】During the experiment, the screen can display the reaction system temperature, time, power, pressure value and curve in real time;
【Remote control】Stop the reaction at a distance in an emergency;
After-sales cooperation
【Installation training】Send professional trainers, responsible for 2-3 people, skilled and safe operation of the instrument;
【one year warranty】The instrument is guaranteed for one year as a whole, without consumable parts;
【Lifelong maintenance】After the warranty period, lifetime maintenance is provided, only the replacement cost of the parts is charged, and no other fees such as door-to-door fees are charged.
【Scientific research support】Upon receiving the user's inquiry about the possibility of experiment, instrument operation, fault repair, etc., professional and technical personnel will reply within 2 hours. If the fault is repaired, you can arrive at the scene within 48 hours!
Safety protection system
【Automatic protection】When a system in temperature control and pressure control fails, the instrument will automatically cut off the microwave transmission and alarm;
【Door protection】Mechanical and electronic double safety door lock, the door opening automatically cuts off the microwave power protection;
【Pressure relief】In case of accidental overpressure, the gas is flushed out from the pressure relief hole, and the airflow is flushed out of the inner cover skirt to initiate double pressure relief protection;
【Blasting protection】Multi-layered protective door structure, vertical directional blasting to prevent accidents and protect the safety of personnel and instruments.
Quality certification
【National level production, research and research innovation research results】
【ISO9001 product quality system certification】The instrument passes ISO quality, high performance and high quality;
【In line with national safety standards】
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