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Magicube XH-300PE

High Pressure Ultrasonic Microwave Cooperative Combination Workstation
The world is the first to fill the gap. Ultrasonic high voltage microwave cooperation. Free selection of user needs.
The XH-300PE type Magictube ultrasonic high-voltage microwave synergistic combined work station is a new generation of multi-fun
By Function
microwave,ultrasonic,ultraviolet light,microwave ultrasonic synergy,microwave ultrasonic and ultraviolet light synergy
By Condition
atmospheric pressure microwave,high pressure microwave,liquid phase
By Application
Microwave catalysis/synthesis/extraction,Microwave hydrothermal,UV
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Microwave system
【Microwave frequency】2450MHz;
【Microwave power】1~1000W continuously adjustable automatically.
Reaction chamber system
【Microwave large volume resonator】It adopts austenitic non-magnetic stainless steel material and is integrally pressed; the bottom steel plate has an integrated structure, (it is not possible to use different materials for riveting and splicing) to have good corrosion resistance and reflective microwave performance;
【Cavity door】Industrial grade anti-shock design, high strength non-deformation structure, sealing and sealing, effectively preventing microwave leakage;
【Open reaction unit】A dropping funnel and a condenser can be installed for reflux reaction;
  【Reaction volume】10~1500ml;
  【Mixing system】Built-in magnetic stirring, suitable for a variety of different viscosity materials;
  【Stirring rate】Provide magnetic stirring at different speeds, speed 1400r/min, stirring rate is infinitely adjustable
【High pressure closed reaction unit】
  【Pressure resistant can】 Made of imported high-strength composite PEEK material, fully enclosed structure with good sealing and high pressure resistance
  【Inner can】 Made of molded PTFE material, it has good compactness and good microporous safety performance;
  【High pressure reactor volume】100ml,Withstand voltage0~6Mpa;
  【Medium pressure reactor volume】250ml,Withstand voltage0~4Mpa;
  【Low pressure reactor volume】500ml,Withstand voltage0~2Mpa;
Ultrasound system
【Ultrasonic power】0~1500W continuously adjustable; working environment: 0~300°C;
【Ultrasonic frequency】25±1KHz;
【Ultrasonic titanium alloy probe】Ф8mm, Ф18mm each, suitable for different volume of reaction vessels;
【ultrasonic pulse】The proportion of working hours can be adjusted arbitrarily;
【Ultrasonic transducer】With automatic search frequency function, it can maintain the maximum sound power when the properties and viscosity of reactants change;
【Operating mode】Constant power mode; continuous operation for 99 hours, ultrasonic pulse time is arbitrarily adjustable
Ultraviolet light system
【Ultraviolet wavelength】365nm,power:250W;
【Ultraviolet radiation intensity probe】Detect and have window display intensity data;
【Measuring range】0.1~1.999 X 105μw/ Cm2 real-time display;
【Ultraviolet out-of-band stray light】UV365<0.02%
Temperature control system
【Temperature Sensor】PT1000
【Range】Temperature range;0~300℃;
【Precision】Temperature measurement accuracy:±0.1℃;Temperature control accuracy:±1℃;Display accuracy:±1℃;
【temperature setting】Intelligent temperature control self-learning function, fully automatic intelligent adjustment of insulation power; constant temperature mode, rate heating, etc.
Instrument control system
【8-inch color LCD touch screen】
【12 million pixel camera】 real-time on-line observation of the reaction image;
【set the reaction parameters】 can set 10 working parameters, each stage can be set at will, and can be set in stages: ultrasonic power and duty cycle, microwave power, temperature, pressure, time and other parameters, such as the parameters, such as ultrasonic power and duty cycle, microwave power, temperature, pressure, time and other parameters, Different modes of operation can be chosen and several reaction data groups can be stored unrestricted;
【real-time curve】 Real-time display of ultrasonic power and duty cycle, microwave power, temperature, pressure, time, pressure value and curve in the reaction system;
【data collation】 USB interface exports data / video, replays the data in the computer for analysis, advanced intelligent temperature control and self-learning function, automatic and intelligent adjustment of heat preservation power;
【remote control】 long-distance stop reaction in a state of emergency
Pressure control system
【Range】Pressure measuring range;0~6MPa;Pressure control range:0~6MPa;
【Precision】Pressure measurement accuracy:0.01MPa;
【Anti-overvoltage setting】When the pressure inside the tank exceeds the set pressure, the instrument can automatically start the pressure control program;
【Explosion-proof design】The tank is radially vertical to avoid lateral impact.
Quality certification
【National level production, research and research innovation research results】
【ISO9001 product quality system certification】The instrument passes ISO quality, high performance and high quality;
【In line with national safety standards】
After-sales cooperation
【Installation training】Send professional trainers, responsible for 2-3 people, skilled and safe operation of the instrument;
【one year warranty】The instrument is guaranteed for one year as a whole, without consumable parts;
【Lifelong maintenance】After the warranty period, lifetime maintenance is provided, only the replacement cost of the parts is charged, and no other fees such as door-to-door fees are charged.
【Scientific research support】Upon receiving the user's inquiry about the possibility of experiment, instrument operation, fault repair, etc., professional and technical personnel will reply within 2 hours. If the fault is repaired, you can arrive at the scene within 48 hours!
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