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Computer Microwave Workstation for Solid-Liquid Phase Synthesis and Extraction

Instrument Characteristics

XH-200A microwave workstation is designed for catalyzing interplay of solid and liquid synthesis and solvent extraction. This instrument is equipped with the most advanced microwave technologies and computerized contact temperature sensor. The precision range of sensor is ±1oC. Temperature, the power curve and detail date is able to be displayed in real time and auto-saved. The volume of the reaction flask is from 50 to 1500ml. The internal box employed high temperature and corrosion resistance material. Most importantly, the workstation has a powerful corrective function for rectification of experiment errors. The whole system has been demonstrated as a leak-free microwave and meets national standard.

Main Technical Parameters

1. Adjustable microwave power range: 100-1000W (divided 10 steps).
2. Temperature range: Contact temperature sensor 0~300℃ and Non-contact temperature sensor 0~500℃
3. Precision of temperature measurement: ≤±0.2℃   
Precision of controlled temperature: ≤±1℃
4. Reaction dimension: 50~1500ml
5. Computerized contact system: Record and print out all reaction conditions including temperature, reaction time, microwave power, temperature rate, etc.
6. Powerful microwave chemistry database, convenient for searching literature about microwave synthesis.
7. Stainless steel cavity: anti-corrosion and high temperature resistant.
8. Magnetic stirring with adjustable velocity to ensure the reaction completeness and temperature consistent.
9. User friendly human-machine interface simple and convenient keyboard operation: follow the on- screen cue to complete instrument operation easily
10. Advanced computer control system
11. Open system: allow to install dropping funnel and condenser tube by user
12. Safety: level of microwave leakage meets nation standards
13. Workstation trolley: Assembling the system in the trolley and will be convenience for the laboratory assistant to observe and evaluate the entire experiment and resulting data easily. 





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