Microwave-hydrothermal Parallel Synthesizer

Microwave-hydrothermal Parallel Synthesizer


Instrument Introduction
XH-800S type microwave-hydrothermal parallel synthesizer provides a fast, safe and automation solutions for sample, to speed up the sample hydrolysis speed under the condition of high pressure, which is suitable for the synthesis of nanometer materials, inorganic materials and the high temperature-pressure system, widely used in enterprises and institutions of laboratories, research institutes, colleges and universities and other units.

Instrument Characteristics
Instrument adopts continuous microwave heating, heating up fast and uniform, greatly extend the service life of the instrument. Cavity is made of the 42 liters large volume austenitic stainless steel material, the oven door and cavity combine closely, microwave leak in accordance with national standards. Instrument adopts dual control system of pressure and temperature, real-time display. When tank pressure exceeds preset protecting value, the microwave device will automatically stop heating. Safety explosion-proof membrane has double insurance functions. When the tank pressure exceeds the maximum tolerance, explosion-proof membrane first rupture and gas effuse to prevent damaging tanks and hurting human body.

Technical Parameters
1. Microwave Power 0~1000 W is continuously adjustable.
2. Warming at a constant rate, the range of temperature control is 0~260℃, accuracy of measuring temperature is ±0.1℃, accuracy of Temperature Control is ±1℃.
3. The range of pressure control is 0~6Mpa, the highest resistant pressure is 10Mpa. Accuracy of measuring pressure is 0.01Mpa, detection frequency is 150~200 data per second.
4. With the pressure control system, the instrument can real-time monitor changes of the pressure in the reaction system (0-100 bar), and warn in time and automatically shut off the power when achieved the preset pressure.
5. Rotating in the same direction and make the samples heated evenly in the environment of the microwave.
6. The instrument has large capacity of stainless steel cavity, while the surface layer treated with teflon, so that it has good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistant.
7. Equipped with 100 ml large capacity microwave digestion tank, the instrument adopts imported PEEK materials at outer tank and teflon materials in the inner pot.
8. The instrument can offer many selections for sample processing, which can process 8 or 10 samples at the same time or respectively deal with 1-8/10 samples.
9. Using touch control panel and large screen LCD and other high technologies, the instrument can real-time display temperature and pressure of airtight reaction tank and temperature pressure curve. Simultaneously, temperature pressure value can be set step-by-step. Besides, instrument can store 16 groups of response data, each of which has 10 reaction stages.
10. The instrument has automatic protection function. When the system fail in controlling temperature and pressure, the instrument will automatically cut off the microwave emission and raise the alarm.
11. Remote control device can stop reaction over a long distance in a state of emergency.
12. The instrument has cooling function. After the reaction, microwave stop work, while rotary table and fan continue to work for 15 minutes to cool pot, then the instrument automatically shut down.
13. In the furnace chamber equipped with high-power exhaust system, a variety of reactions can be continuously conducted for a long time at the environment where is ventilated, safety and easy to observe. The ventilation of furnace chamber make use of the large centrifugal fan that can resist acid corrosion. Moreover, the volume of exhaust air is not less than 5M³/min.
14. Microwave leakage is in accordance with national standards.

Basic Configuration
   Name                                   Quantity    
Host machine                             1         
Sensor                                        1           
Turntable                                    1          
PEEK outside tank
(including a main tank)             8/10          
Ptfe the inner pot
(including a main tank)             8/10         
Explosion-proof membrane        1           

Wrench of external tank             2

Operating guide                          1

Pressure assembly                    2

250V/10A Fuse                          2

 Exhaust duct                             1

Remote controller                       1



Microwave Synthesizer




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