Xianghu Won the First Prize of Innovation Achievements of Industry University Research Cooperation in China

DATE:2016/2/2 15:35:20 HITS:24

     On December 14 in 2015, the Ninth China Industry University Research (shorted for IUR) Cooperative Innovation Conference which was held in Kunming, Yunnan Province, announced that Beijing Xianghu Science and Technology Development Limited Company together with Capital Normal University and other units were awarded the first prize of <innovation achievements of IUR cooperation in China>,who successfully accomplished the series of Microwave chemistry products and relevant application studies. 

On the Xianghu company’s behalf, the chief manager, Xuanping Yang, attended and accepted the award.

     Chinese University Research Cooperation Innovation Conference is an annual event in the field of research cooperation. As the theme of ‘innovation driven, open cooperation, transformation and upgrading’,this year’s Conference held by Yunnan investment holding group was aiming to praise 369 units or individuals in the 2015 year of Chinese outstanding achievements in the field of production and research cooperation. It was sponsored by the ChinaIUR Institute Collaboration Association and the Yunnan provincial government,and it was supported by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, as well as other units.

     At the same time, Tsinghua University, National Marine Information Center, China national food industry group, China Nonferrous Metal Mining Group Co., Ltd.,Heng Yuanxiang group and Rossini Watch Industry Co., Ltd and other influential enterprises, who had independent innovation ability, also participated in the conference.

     Since its inception in 2002, Beijing Xianghu had achieved rapid development and healthy growth. Xianghu actively responded to the government's call, adhered to the concept of technology based, relied on independent innovation, and combined producing, learning, and researching tightly. Meanwhile, we sought cooperation with others in various field to promote the development of the company. In2005, we produced the first microwave reaction instrument. In ten years,statistically, more than 1000 papers were published in Chinese, and more than 100 papers were published in English. Among them, 54.2% are synthetic papers, the other 39.6% are solvent extraction papers. We compiled <Decade of Splendid Achievements Dream -- Abstracts of Xianghu Microwave Chemistry Instrument Application Researches>.On the one hand, it helped us to summary the work experience, guide the practice effectively, and promote the development of microwave instruments. On the other hand, it helped us to serve our users better. More importantly, we gain our users high praise.


It showed that our products had been affirmed by experts and the market whether in terms of quality or technical performance. It owed to the hard work and dedication of our employees. There was no doubt that without government support for technological innovation, Xianghu would not have today’s achievement. In order to provide our users with more convenient, practical products to meet their needs, our company would stick with the concept of technological innovation and base on the market.