Computer microwave composite ultrasonic uv light catalytic synthesis of extraction apparatus

Computer microwave composite ultrasonic uv light catalytic synthesis of extraction apparatus


Instrument Characteristics
ARM microprocessor is a sort of high performance, low-power 32-bit microprocessor. It has been widely used in embedded systems. As an high-tech product, XH-300UA develops  microwave ultrasonic ultraviolet light technology into chemical synthesis reactions,especially combining the advanced embedded control technology. Firstly, the instrument has a powerful digital processing capability. It displays and records data and curve images at real-time, and also possess functions to save and playback. Secondly, reaction conditions can be controlled by Program and can be divided into several working experimental stages to fulfill your requirement. Moreover, experimental parameters per second can be saved so you can check the data anytime.

Instrument Introduction

Instrument has seven modes: single use of microwave irradiation,  single use of ultrasound irradiation, single use of uv light, combination between microwave and ultrasonic, combination between microwave and ultraviolet light, combination between ultrasound and ultraviolet,combination among microwave irradiation, ultrasound irradiation and ultraviolet light. 

Ultrasonic frequency:25 KHZ. Three kinds of optional operation. You may also replace the ultrasonic probe, basing on the amount of reactants and the viscosity. It is featured with automatic tracking. The instrument uses 32-bit high-performance embedded chips with low efficacy, and multi-processor control, displaying the test data, the temperature curve, power curve at real-time, and also with the functions of parameter modification, data playback, saving and settings. With the help of available hits Large-screen colored LCD, friendly interface and touch screen make the instrument operated easily. USB interface can connect the mouse and flash drive, ready to download and store reaction data. In the reaction, you can watch the screen chamber body by turning on video images at any time,monitoring reactions and extraction processes at the same time. Under an open reaction system, it can be equipped with drip funnel and condenser for refluxing. In the mode of microwave Synthesis, it can provide magnetic stirring at different speed to make the reaction fuller and the temperature more even.

Main Technical Parameters
1. Microwave power 0~1000W and ultrasonic power 0~1500W  is continuously adjustable;
2. Microwave frequency 2450MHz and ultrasonic Frequency 25KHz;

3.Uv wave length 365nm, power 250w;

4.Microwave irradiation, ultrasound irradiation, uv light can work alone in the reaction, can also according to the needs of the subjects in any combination.
5. The range of Measuring and Controlling temperature: 0~300
℃;  Accuracy of Temperature Control : ≤±1 ℃ ;
6. Working Time: continuous work for 10 hours. Three ultrasonic pulse available;
7. Ultrasonic Working Environment: 0~300℃;
8. Volume of Reaction: 10~1000ml; Equipped with 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500ml quartz glass flask
9. Ultrasonic Probe diameter: ∮8mm, ∮18mm; suitable for different diameter containers;
10. Based on the using of 32-bit CPU architecture and multi-processor control system; XH-300UA has the following functions: real-time display of data,the temperature curve and power curve; parameter modification, data playback,save the settings;
11. Real-time monitor the reaction process via video screen, and watch the changes of objectives timely;
12.  8-inch LCD display with friendly human-machine interface and touch-screen system; USB interface for mouse and flash disk;
13.  Advanced computer temperature control; Automatic intelligent temperature adjusting and maintenance system  ;
14.  High-precision touch sensors, temperature of reactions timely and control the reaction process;
Provide different magnetic stirring and mechanical stirring speed, speed of 0-2000 r/m,infinitely adjustable-speed, make the reaction more fully, more uniform temperature.;
14.  An opened reaction system; Drip funnel and Condenser tube can be installed for refluxing;
15.  Microwave leakage meets National Standards.





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