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Microwave Hydrothermal Parallel Synthesizer
Microwave Hydrothermal Parallel Synthesizer
Microwave Hydrothermal Parallel Synthesizer
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Microwave system
【Microwave frequency】2450MHz;
【Microwave power】1~1000W continuously adjustable automatically
Temperature control system
Contact temperature sensor, temperature control range:0~260℃;
Temperature control accuracy:±1℃,Temperature measurement accuracy:±0.1℃;
【Heating mode】Rate increase, program temperature control, gradient temperature rise; accurately reach the target temperature at a constant speed within the set time;
【Cooling mode】Fast air-cooled, the instrument automatically turns off when the can is cooled.
【Range】0~15MPa;Maximum working pressure≥6MPa;Pressure measurement accuracy:0.01Mpa;
【Pressure relief method】The safety explosion-proof membrane is pressure-relieved, the cost is low, and the automatic pressure relief method such as the pressure-relief sheet is effectively avoided. When the pressure is released, the high-temperature gas is discharged from the connection between the tank lid and the tank body, and the softening and deformation of the tank body and the tank lid are prevented from being damaged. Case;
【Anti-overvoltage setting】When the pressure inside the tank exceeds the set pressure, the instrument can automatically start the pressure control program;
【Explosion-proof design】The tank body is radially perpendicular to avoid lateral impact;
Reaction chamber
【Large cavity volume】Austenitic stainless steel, coated with 5 layers of anti-corrosion coating, can be parallelized in multiple groups;
【Double protection switch door】High strength without deformation, prevention of microwave leakage, industrial grade impact resistant design;
【Coaxial turntable】360°Unidirectional rotation at a constant speed allows the sample to be more evenly heated in a microwave environment;
Water heat unit
【Reaction vessel·Outer can】Fully imported PEEK material is die-casted, resistant to high temperature and high pressure;
【Reaction vessel·Inner can】The PTFE is used to design the inner cavity independently; the compactness and safety performance are good.
Instrument control system
【Touch operation】Touch control panel, large screen LCD display, good human-computer interaction interface;
【LCD】Display the temperature and pressure of the closed reaction tank in real time, and display the temperature and pressure curve simultaneously;
【Detection frequency】Temperature detection frequency:150~200 data per second; pressure detection frequency: 150~200 data per second;
【Remote stop】The instrument can be stopped remotely in an emergency;
【data storage】Can store more than ten sets of application conditions, laboratory data of 10 reaction steps in each group;
After-sales cooperation
【Installation training】Send professional trainers, responsible for 2-3 people, skilled and safe operation of the instrument;
【one year warranty】The instrument is guaranteed for one year as a whole, without consumable parts;
【Lifelong maintenance】After the warranty period, lifetime maintenance is provided, only the replacement cost of the parts is charged, and no other fees such as door-to-door fees are charged.
【Scientific research support】Upon receiving the user's inquiry about the possibility of experiment, instrument operation, fault repair, etc., professional and technical personnel will reply within 2 hours. If the fault is repaired, you can arrive at the scene within 48 hours!
Safety protection system
【Automatic protection】The temperature and pressure in the hydrothermal reaction kettle are monitored in real time, with over-temperature and over-pressure automatic protection;
【Door protection】Mechanical and electronic double safety door lock, door opening automatically cut off microwave power protection
【Pressure relief】In case of accidental overpressure, the gas is flushed out from the pressure relief hole, and the airflow is flushed out of the explosion-proof membrane to initiate double pressure relief protection;
Quality certification
【National level production, research and research innovation research results】
【ISO9001 product quality system certification】The instrument has passed ISO quality certification, high performance and high quality;
【In line with national safety standards】
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